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I travel to take pictures…to catch moments…to make memories…to develop an attitude of gratitude. In the moment I can feel life; smell the aromas, listen to nature…the sounds of people…and the hum of technology, see brilliant colors or the contrast of black and white, touch and taste. My travels take me anywhere my mind and body want to go; the backyard, neighborhood, county, state, this great country, and areas outside the boarders.

It’s that simple, slow life down to the moment. Time will stand still. You will discover you are ageless…an eternal being.  In the moment you can look for His gifts and develop a life of gratitude. You will discover that you live a life of abundance and you may even discover Him, the Creator of all things…the lover of your soul.

Enjoy a moment and discover yourself. Take the time to enjoy my philosophy. I don’t know how they did it, but someone captured my thoughts in pictures. Maybe everyone chasing life with a camera gets it…the moment. Start now… to live the moment…to live in harmony with nature and others.


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