Look Live Give

Living the Moment

Picked Out Of Eternity…Placed Into Time


Living the moment. Are you doing it? Are you living the here…the now?

Too often we are  baggage collectors… trash haulers. We keep living in the past with all of it’s guilt, shame, disappointments, grief, failures…I think you get the picture. We are captured in a prison cell without the key. Sights, sounds, music, aromas…take us back, back to a place that no longer exists.

Maybe we have moved from being  trash collectors to time travelers speeding into the future at the speed of light. We are planning, dreaming, calculating…when suddenly, without warning we are attacked with worry, anxiety, doubt, and fear. Voices from the past speak to our future. Can we really pull it off…this dream of ours? Can we really exist, can we really make a difference?

We are beings of eternity, placed into time…and we have forgotten who we are. We have forgotten that we are created to live the moment inside and outside of time. The only key to the freedom we seek, the only key to escape from the prison of the past or future is the now. The moment…the here. Beings of the now, created to live the moment… to look for the gifts, His gifts, and to give thanks. Look, live and give. The result? Peace, and the ability to change lives and our environment…because we have changed.

There is no doubt about it, the world is changing…and we are seeing chaos. We are becoming a fearful people, lacking trust…and there is only one way out. The moment.

Look, Live and Give is the answer to the negativity that surrounds me, the negativity that wants to invade my being…your being, and make us ineffective. Let me help you capture the moments. How? With our senses. A moment can be seen, felt, tasted, heard, oh and don’t forget the aromas that surround us. I capture moments with photos and verse, and help you capture moments by sharing the moments I have captured.  Learn to live the life created for you, regardless the circumstances. Live the moment. Look for His gifts. Give thanks. Join me, become… it’s a journey.



Icing on  cold mornings, feet that fit into boots that take me from here to there, the aroma of hot apple cider, and sleeping in…under blankets, with a pillow…in a bed.  Thank You for cold mornings… reminders that I am surrounded by warmth, and I have a new day with a new start…living the now. I am living the moment. Looking for His gifts. Giving thanks.

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  1. Thank you Mary. This is a great idea.

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